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Inuit Art

Inuit art refers to native artwork hand-made by Inuit--the native people of the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, and Greenland.
Today, demand for Inuit carvings in soapstone, serpentine, whalebone, and walrus ivory and Inuit prints and drawings is world-wide and growing.

Inuit Images Gallery of Fine Stone, Bone & Ivory Sculpture

Since 1986, Inuit Images has provided the best in native Inuit/Eskimo art to collectors around the globe. Our extensive selection of contemporary and vintage pieces contains:

  • Inuit / Eskimo carvings in stone, bone, and walrus ivory
  • Inuit prints and original drawings
  • Inuit artifacts
  • Inuit jewelry
  • Inuit art books and reference materials

Located on Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, we also travel to various sites to exhibit and sell works from the gallery.

We carry Inuit art for both the novice and advanced collector, and many of our customers have purchased from us for many years.

Whether you are interested in a stone sculpture, a walrus ivory carving, or an Inuit print or drawing, we can guide you through your purchase and help you find that “just right” piece to add to your collection. If you are simply interested in learning about Inuit art, we carry many fine Inuit art books.

Inuit Images aims to please all levels of collectors, and represents the best in Inuit art. We travel to the Arctic from time to time, and are regularly adding the very highest quality pieces to our gallery offerings. We love hearing from collectors old and new, and offer personal involvement in helping you find that perfect piece for your collection.

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